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    Paid for Charting But It's Not Enabled

    GMan67 Level 1
      I need help.

      I have upgraded from Flex Standard to Flex Pro so that I could get the charting.

      I entered my license number as soon as I purchased and Flex says that it's the pro upgrade.

      However, when I add one of the charting components to the form it says that it is a trial.

      I have tried reinstalling over my old version.

      I initially called tech support and was told there is no phone support for flex and that I would have to submit a ticket...

      I did and then I got a response that said I needed to call customer service.

      I called customer service and they referred me to tech support...

      Tech support then sent me back to customer service...

      And customer service said we'll enter a ticket for you and the engineers should get back to you...(180 166 674)

      It's been several days since I purchased the charting and I need it ASAP.

      Anyone have any ideas how I can get this resolved?

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          flashharry! Level 1

          I had the same issue here. I had a trail version of flex2 with charting and when I purchased my charting kept saying trial still.

          Ok first things first.

          in the help menu go manage flex licenses and confirm that you have the charting

          if you do, go to the flex/project navigator and right click on your project folder, select refresh project.

          Now in the project menu select clean, make sure your project is selected in the next window and click ok.

          All you build files will be re-created clearing any caches.

          This should work, I now have a habit before I generate release builds, to refresh and clean first.

          Hope that helps