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    AS2 - Flash Print Button issues! HELP!


      I’m an action script novice. I would bet everyone here knows more than me.

      I’m using this script for my button and problem #1 is before it prints the printer always pulls a piece of blank paper through then it prints a page that I want. Problem number #2 I don’t understand the sizing in the code which group of numbers is the print area which (and I hope this is the case) sets a margin of the area not to be printed i.e. the border and or area of the swf file I don’t want to print. Below is the code I'm using.


      Thank you for your help!


      printBtn.onRelease = function()
          var my_pj = new PrintJob();
          var myResult = my_pj.start();
              myResult = my_pj.addPage (0, {xMin : 0, xMax: 400, yMin: 0,
                  yMax: 400});
              myResult = my_pj.addPage ("printArea", {xMin : 0, xMax: 400,
                  yMin: 400, yMax: 800},{printAsBitmap:true}, 1);
              myResult = my_pj.addPage (1, null,{printAsBitmap:false}, 2);
              myResult = my_pj.addPage (0);
          delete my_pj;