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    Project incorrectly stretching images




      I really need help with this and I would greatly appreciate any advice.  I'm using Premiere Pro CS3 and trying to import a batch of images that are 960x720. They import fine, but when I drop them on the timeline it stretches the image out beyond the vertical boundary. The source window says the image is still at 960x720 but gives the aspect ratio as 1.333! This would account for the stretch.


      I have done extensive fiddling with the project settings including:


      1) Changing the editing mode to desktop and manually setting the H and V to 960x720


      2) Changing between square pixels (1.0) and (0.9)


      3) Turning on and off the default scale to frame size


      4) Trying 16:9 and 6:5


      5) When I resize the image to 800x600 (which is still the same ratio) and set the project settings to same, it imports fine and fills the window correctly. The source window says "800x600 1.0"


      I could go in and manually resize all 60 images but this seems ridiculous.   As far as I can tell I need to achieve "960x720 1.0 4:3".  Any ideas?  Thank you for ANY comments!