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    help with a few basics



      I have to make a film ending up on dvd using camtasia screen capture program, i am recording with a screen size of 1024 / 768 . camtasia has the option to export raw uncompressed files but i have had not much luck working with these files in premier so i export from camtasia using the tech smith codec that comes with it


      ok my process so far has been


      1/ import film clips into after efects set to pal widescreen  because i found this to be the only way i understand how to get the files to all the same shape / picture size


      2/ export from after efects using microsoft dvd pal 48 khz module


      3/ import the new clips to premier for editing and some efects


      4/ then i use after efects for more efects and colour correction


      5/ then export from after efects using the micro dv pal module again



      i am then left with an avi file i have to convert so that i can burn it to a dvd at this point i use convertx to dvd where i loose loads of quality


      what i would like to know is .....lol... 1/is there a step by step tutorial any one knows of that might help


      2/should i be using certain codec 3/ is there a better way for me to change this avi file to dvd to be put on disc