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    How do I get wireframe components to interact/navigate to other states?




      I've been playing around with Catalyst beta 1 and I'm absolutely in love with it... I just have a few questions about how the wireframe components can interact with the project. More specifically...


      • Scrollbar: when I drag a scrollbar onto the stage, it doesn't actually scroll the SWF... sure, I can run/publish the project and play with the slider (slide the slider up and down) but the slider isn't "talking" to the SWF and scrolling anything. I looked in the properties menu and all I can do is change the size or enable/disable it - where do I tell the slider to affect the SWF it's on


      • Data List: like the scrollbar, I can drag one on the stage, change the items in the list and customize the look and feel - that's great. But how do I make the specific choices on the data list navigate to other states within the project.
        • For example... I put a data list on page 1 and it has 3 items in the list: Page 2, Page 3, Page 4. How do I set it up so that when someone clicks on "page 2" from the data list that it navigates to the state I have called "page 2" in my project?


      There are a few more examples, but I don't want to bore you by running on... I guess my general question is, how can I use the cool wireframe components in FC to actually interact with the project? (and not just sit on the stage)  So far, all I got is buttons leading to different states and I know that FC can do more!


      Is this area better defined / easier to do in Beta 2? I know that it's out, but I cannot install it because I have some cool projects I've made in FC b1 that I still need to be able to edit for work...


      Thanks a bunch in advance, I really appreciate it! Have a great day!

      Tom N.