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    Reuse components in a new project?

    scottkoegler Level 1

      I have a standard intro / outro clip and some titles and other elements that I spent some time creating in project A. Now I want to reuse those same elements in project B, C, D, etc. I'm sure there's a tool, but I can't find where to grab these elements. They are not files, so they are not in the media browser - as far as I can tell. I can select them in project A, but don't see how to save them or place them in project B. Ultimately I would like to create a doughnut with them and place the content inside as a kind of template.


      Must be an obvious answer to this that I just don't know about.



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          SFL46 Level 3

          A lot of this depends on your sequence setting and your output device.  So thoughts:


          You want to get these elements to a standalone file just in case you re-install or upgrade CS4 and your project directory (and hence your template) gets erased or moved.


          If, for example, your output is a DVD or BD and the standard elements are, say a logo, you could use AME to create the MPEG or H.264 that you can then import into Encore as an asset everytime you do a project.  Saves rendering time.


          Otherwise, you use AME to create an export file --probably uncompressed, or at a minimum MS AVI with the corect aspect ratio and dimensions.


          What I have done with standard footage in a HDV sequence, is to export with AME to a 1440 x 1081i 1.33 MPEG2 file.  At the fundamental level the HDV file (removed from the streaming envelope used with tape) is MPEG2.  (I think I remember this correctly)

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            Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

            If you hadn't already created project B minus the intro-outro the answer could be as simple as "Save As"... Too easy.  Assuming you have already created project B, I would try opening project A, save it as; project ABC intro.prproj. Remove everything you don't need, then import the "stripped down" ABC intro.prproj project, into the new project B. Double Click the imported intro-outro sequence, select all of its elements on the timeline and copy and paste it into the main timeline.


            Another method:

            You can just select the entire timeline the intro-outro is on, in project A and copy it to clipboard, then open project B and paste. In our experience, this method usually gets some things out of whack. Like missing transitions.

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              scottkoegler Level 1

              Thanks - creating a blank with intro/outro and inserting episodes sounds like the best answer. I also was able to open A, copy the elements, then open B and past them in and reposition. Lots more work than using a template approach, but much less work than recreating the elements every time.


              Still - wish that it were possible to save the elements as 'files' in a folder, then just add them to any project, in any order as needed. I guess that qualifies as a feature request...

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                Jeff Bellune Level 5

                Select the title in the Project panel.  Go to File|Export|Title.  Save

                it as a file on your hard drive and you'll have saved for future use.



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                  scottkoegler Level 1

                  Thanks - this works great for static titles - not so much for animated ones like credits, but it definitely helps!