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    Big trouble with FPJ files

    Gravenstein Level 2

      I think this is related to some of the problems that other people are reporting. I'm not sure if starting another thread for this is the right thing to do, but here goes...


      I have several writers who have just started to experience files and folders go missing from their RH8 projects. There are two ways that the problem begins to manifest itself: 1.Files/folders are simply missing from RH, and 2.The infamous twitching hourglass that takes a long time to go away. I'll get back to item 2 in a moment.


      Here's what I have been able to discover so far:


      1. The problem seems to originate with records dropping out of the fpj file. It can be any fpj file, but is (naturally) most noticeable with the root.fpj file.

      2. The fact that item 1 has occurred might not be visible right away. One writer worked with the project for two weeks before the subfolders actually disappeared from the Project Manager. When we dug into his backups, we found that his root.fpj file had a problem dating back to mid-October. My theory is that RH was operating (more or less successfully) from the cpd file, until something triggered a cpd update cycle, which in turn made RH notice that the cpd and fpj files were in conflict (thus the twitching hourglass). Just a theory, of course.

      3. The problem is not limited to the root.fpj file. It's showing up throughout the projects.

      4. Sometimes the missing files/folders are still present in Windows; sometimes not.

      5. The earliest fpj dropout we've identified so far is 9/17/2009.

      6. It looks like the dropouts are happening on individual fpj files, perhaps as they get touched, rather than something that happens project-wide in one fell swoop. I'm basing this on a single project where there are several instances of fpj dropout, but the dates are different.


      BTW, these projects are NOT source controlled.


      That's what I have so far. I am telling the writers to back up frequently, and to check their fpj files (at least the root.fpj) to make sure they didn't experience any obvious dropouts. It would be nice if there was an easy way to keeps tabs so that we knew if a problem had occurred. Any ideas, anyone?


      Where's the aspirin??!!