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    Installation Problems (checksum error)


      So, I've had Adobe Reader for awhile.  My primary browser is Google Chrome.  Reader has always worked fine in Chrome.  .pdf files display with no problem.  Some time in the past month, that stopped, and they no longer would display (but they still displayed in Internet Explorer).  I finally decided today to uninstall and then reinstall Adobe Reader 9.2 to see if that would fix the problem.  I went to the website, downloaded the .exe, and attempted to install it.  5.7% of the way into it, it stopped and displayed this error in a popup:


      "Adobe has detected a corrupt file (checksum error).  The program has been closed without installing.

      Info ID: 6800.346.14.2.20034

      Please send the Info ID to http://www.adobe.com/misc/bugreport.html"


      I've searched for hours now trying to find an answer.  I've found very little even relating to this error.  Adobe hasn't responded yet (not that I thought they would).  I downloaded other applications to delete any leftover files in case the uninstall didn't cover them.  I have no clue what else to try at this point.  0_o

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          This message is not an answer, unfortunately. I am receiving the same error when installing 9.2, but I also receive the error when installing 9.1, 8.1.0, and 8.1.3. The error I get from 9.2 is identical to yours. I have downloaded the installer with various browsers (voodoo solution suggested in another thread), all with the same result. Other suggestions include disabling anti-virus software before downloading, but you have bigger problems than this if your anti-virus software is altering files. I also unzipped the 9.2 installer with 7zip, but that didn't produce enough data to fudge the install manually.


          For what it's worth, I'm surprised that searching for the Info ID brings back nothing. I can't believe we're the only two people who have gotten this error lately.


          Running Windows XP Professional, SP3.

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            I had same problem. The fix was to uncheck the McAfee Virus Scan box at the begining of the down load. Now my problem is I can not print anything from the reader. Get a mising file error message and the reader window lock up. This happens with both 9.2 and 8.

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              PhilB3000 Level 1

              I'm jealous that you got it installed. The error I received originally came from using the .exe download. I get a different error if I use the Firefox download manager with McAfee Scan Install disabled (I haven't tried with it enabled and I see no reason to). The error I get using the download manager is "Operating system error! (16248.103.5302.8000)." The error number means nothing to me or the internet. I click ok on the box, and it says the install was canceled.


              And yet, "Adobe.com" managed to get installed using the manager. Funny how the thing you didn't ask for gets installed when nothing else does.


              0 for 2 so far.


              I would try using the IE download manager (which I'm sure is entirely reliable), but IE hangs on every Adobe page I try viewing with it.

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                PhilB3000 Level 1

                I was able to get version 7 installed, which is able to view everything I need. I was able to view most everything with version 4, so I hope to hold out installing a later version for as long as I can.


                Good luck to the rest of you.

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                  I get the same error installing Adobe Reader 9 with FireFox 3.5.4 and AVG enabled.  But the install completed and it seems to be working.

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                    hey guys, here is the answer to solving your adobe problems.  It's really simple I had the same error messages you guys got and found a way around it....Here is the website....



                    this is where I had to download mine from...