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    .swf timing changes when posted to server

    KellyPhillipsNC Level 1

      I have been using Captivate for years, and have never seen this error before. I currently have Captivate 3. I have a 6 slide file with a mix of PowerPoint imports and captured movies. On the last slide, I have an imported PowerPoint animation where I use the Credits Custom Animation on a text box to scroll a list of report names across the screen. The end effect looks like movie credits.


      Here is the issue:  The timing of the credits is perfect when I play the published files from my PC. I send it to my network admin, and it plays perfect when she runs it from her PC. But when she uploads it to our Windows 2003 Intranet server, the timing of the movie is off. The credits finish rolling way before they should. So it seems like maybe the file is playing too fast?


      Once recent change we made to the server was to add the .flv file type to the Mime directory. I don't know what that means, but I know we weren't able to get .flvs to play until we did this about a month ago. An earlier version of this file had been on the server prior, and we didn't notice an issue. But I had to change the audio and now that we've reposted it, we have this problem.


      Also, I upgraded my Vista machine to Windows 7 last week. I only have one problem with Captivate since the upgrade. I can't hear the audio when I play the slide in edit mode. But I do hear the audio when I preview the project. I don't think Windows 7 is causing my current problem with the .swf.


      So it stands to reason that one of these recent changes might be the culprit. But I thought it was worth posting here in case any of you have seen this before. Here's hoping!!!


      Thanks in advance!