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    How do you reference a valueObject located in main to a custom component created in Catalyst?




      I have been working with the Catalyst Beta 2 / Flash Builder beta trying to create a photogallery and have hit a little bit of a snag, try as I might I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I am still new to Flex so please excuse me if this is a basic question, I have been trying to understand more about Flex to make my designs in Catalyst better.


      I found this video on Adobe TV: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/rich-internet-applications-101/ria-stepbystep-16-binding-a-data- service-to-flash-builder-components/


      It's wonderful and I have the datalist I created in Catalyst working with the XML file I generated but I designed my little photogallery a bit diffrent, I created a Custom Component in Catalyst so that when you click an item on the DataList it pop's up a little screen with a larger photo in on it, rather then having an image in the main application. Now my problem seems to be that I can't refrence the valueObject I created with the wizard as it's in my Main.mxml file, is there a way to refrence it from my Custom Component so the larger image will display? Is there a way to let the component know which item on the dataList in the main application is selected and display the correct image?


      I should also say I really enjoy working with the Beta for both Flash Builder / Catalyst, thanks for the hard work!


      Thanks for the help,