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    Does file upload have to go through the tmp directory first?

    DCwebGuy Level 1
      I am dealing with some large file uploads in the 1gb to 2gb range. These files get uploaded first into CF's tmp directory, then CFFILE essentially copies the file to another location. With large files, this secondary copy by CFFILE actually consumes a lot of time and I/O resources. Is there a way to simply upload the file directly into the folder I want and bypass the whole temp operation? FTP is not an option for me. Thanks.
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          Maybe. I can only advise you to consider the roles each player have in
          moving that file around.

          The browser gets the file from the client file system and encodes it
          into the request.

          The web server (IIS, Apache, etc) decodes it from the request and writes
          it to the tmp directory.

          ColdFusion receives the request and is told what file(s) where put into
          the above directory where it can do what it is told to do with it.

          I imagine it might be possible to do something at the web server layer
          to modify this behavior as you desire, but I have no idea what it would be.