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    CS4 Premiere Pro not playing


      I have just got 6 imacs all with cs4 suite installed, when I press space to play or J or L to play it only plays a milli-second and not the whole thing, all the mac are doing this ? is there a setting someplace ? I also have the same problem in Soundbooth and even final cut, imovie. Anyone help ?

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          dradeke Adobe Employee



          It would probably be helpful for you to provide a bit more information here.  However, let me give you some basic suggestions


          1. make sure your apple os is up to date - graphics drivers might be included and be affecting you
          2. make sure your CS4 suites are up to date.  Premiere Pro is currently at version 4.1....  4.0 and 4.01 were previous versions.  4.2 is around the corner but not out yet.
          3. play your media in quicktime to see if that's problem.
          4. capture or import some footage that you know will play.  try that in premiere pro.




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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            have the same problem in...final cut [and] imovie.


            That is pretty strong evidence that this is not an Adobe issue, but a much wider system issue.  I'd get in touch with whoever supplied the machines.