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    Voice Disappearing Act!


      I have a weird one.  I recently completed a pile of short videos with Premiere Pro CS3 on my PC at work for a campaign I am working on.  I exported them via the media export to quicktime, uploaded the files to our youtube account, and then linked to them off of our website.  Everything was honky-dory and working fine...or so I thought.


      I recieved an email from a coworker today saying that a couple of the videos had no voices- they only had music when she watched them.  After trying out playing the movies on many different computers, I found that on some computers there are no voices (actually extremely low volumed voices...far too low to hear over the music), while on other computers it sounds just fine.  This seams strange as the original file was exported as a stereo track.


      Interestingly, I finished another video today but this time exported it to encore and burned it to dvd.  I took the dvd home to view it on my dvd player and it worked just fine.  I then put the dvd in my macbook...and I unexpectantly ran into the same problem.  There were no voices when listening on the built in speakers.  Even stranger though, the voices came through just fine when I plugged my headphones into my macbook and viewed it that way.


      The only thing really that seems to be in common so far with the computers that did not play the vocals is that they all had fairly cheap, dinky little speakers.  Even when I ripped the dvd that I took home, converted the file, and put on my iphone...it was the same thing.  No vocals when listening through the cheap, built in iphone speakers, yet it worked just fine through the headphones


      Here is a link to one of the problematic videos that is on youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cFCQZwVERo&feature=channel


      I just tested it...and it works just fine through my headphones, but I cannot hear the voices when played through the built-in macbook speakers.


      Now here is a link to a video that was edited in the same session, but in a different sequence, and then exported with the exact same settings as the link before-  only this video does NOT have the voice issue:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKJIjAhcFAI&feature=channel


      So what gives???  Has anybody run into this before???


      Any help would be very much appreciated.  I'm totally lost on this one!





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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          The problematic clip has the voice out of phase, the good one has the voice in phase.


          Fix that.

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            OlyWaGuy Level 1

            Thank you very much Jim.  That was it.


            The original video recording was in stereo...but only recorded to one channel.  This resulted in the voices to be panned left.  So I duplicated the track and switched the channels, then exported the audio to get a stereo track with BOTH channels utilized.  This resulted in the voices being panned center, which I thought fixed my issue.  Unfortunately this caused a new issue and resulted in the audio being out of phase!  (I should have known better!!!)


            To correct this I exported the track (just the voices) to a new wav file.  Then, when the file was still in the bin, I went to: Clip < Audio Options < Breakout to Mono.  This gave me both the right & left channel as separate MONO tracks.  I then placed the mono track into the timeline, and removed my out-of-phase stereo track.  From the beginning I should have changed the track to MONO rather than my original solution.  Oh well...at least I learned something!


            I do not know if this was the best way to fix the issue, but it seemed to work for me so I thought I'd share in case anybody else runs into this issue.


            Thanks again Jim!  I really do appreciate your help.



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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              A simple Fill Left effect would have done the job.