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    ability of changing color of scanned books



      I scan book by scanner in Photoshop and afterward i insert scanned pictures in MS word doc and then i use Acrobat Pro 9 for making PDF.


      I downloaded some Ebook that was created in PDF.


      There is a likeness between my PDF and those PDFs:

      Both made by scanned pictures of paper books. their stracture only made by bitmap images.


      There is a diffrent between my PDF and those PDFs:

      When in prefrences -> (accessibility --->Document colors Option):  i changed background color:


      1) in my ebook background of scanned images will not be changed and stay in white color!


      2) in those ebooks background of scanned images will be changed to choosed color!

      for exam this link: http://txt.ir/ebooks/science/computer/programming/PHP_FA/PHP_FA_(www.txt.ir).pdf


      I want to create Scanned PDF ebooks with ability of changing background of sccaned images!

      Please say me how i can create such ebooks?