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    JSP and dreamweaver


      Hi was wondering if anyone can help me.


      Have a website where each html file is constructed based on several different JSP files. Im not respondsable for the actual code, so not able to change it my self. My problem is that i would like to get the whole website into dreamweaver so i can manage it from there. However i dont really have that much experience with JSP files. And how to set them up correctly or whether dreamweaver is capable of compiling these it self or it needs to be done, through some other compiler.


      Im probably what you would refer to as a design user in Dreamweaver, i know some programmering etc, but im interested in the visual part of the website, and just want to be able to work on it inside dreamweaver rather than eclipse.


      The website is located on our own server, and have tried to download the folder where the website is, but for some reason it doesnt make use of the JSP files, unless im in live view.


      So im not even sure if its possible, but if anyone have any information of how such site can be integerated into dreamweaver. Or if its even possible that would be a huge help.

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Just so you'll know, DW doesn't support JSP.  This means that it won't recognize your JSP code, and you will not be able to use DW to edit an JSP Server Behaviors.  So, unless you are an experienced JSP coder and can do this by hand, I think you are out of luck.  Even if DW supported JSP, though, trying to take on a JSP with limited knowledge of HTML and CSS (I'm interpreting your 'design user of Dreamweaver' to mean this), much less understanding of server scripting in general and JSP, I think is a completely dangerous proposition.


          Sorry to have such bad news but I see a catastrophe looming if you continue with this project.

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            Nimos1001 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer.


            Kinda confused, in DW you can create a blank JSP file, so if it doesnt support it, howcome you are able to create it, or is it for something else?


            Besides that i have no desire to actually change the JSP functionality, simply make use of them inside DW so i could make changes to the layout/design  on a test server, and when satisfied make it live.


            Maybe its just me that are a bit confused, but what is the big different in programming in DW and eclipse? the code in the end is the same?

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              Which version of DW are you using?


              Maybe I should have said that DW's support for JSP is minimal and Adobe has announced that CS5 will no longer support JSP or ASP.Net.


              That said, you can certainly open a JSP page, and edit the HTML parts with DW.  But I'm not sure whether DW will recognize any JSP-based file operations like include files....

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                Nimos1001 Level 1

                Its DW cs4


                But would it be a problem coding the JSP files in eclipse for instance and simply lock them in DW? So the JSP files in DW are simply pointing at the "correct" files and make use of them, but so you can update the layout and call the different functionality etc, without actually risking destroying the whole side.


                In my mind, i have some experience from C#, Java, C++ etc, however its some time ago, but whether you call a function from one program or another as long as the input and output are correct, there shouldnt be much of a different. Its just a function that perform some kind of task.


                But since i have never really worked with JSP files, but from looking at the code, it doesnt seem very different from what i have seen before. But its the technical side or setup that worries me, because i have no experience with it.  And therefore i would like to not get to involve in them, except just make use of them. To make "light" changes to the website.

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                  MurraySummers Level 8

                  To make "light" changes to the website.

                  You should be OK editing the HTML parts of JSP files.