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    Adobe Air Not Installing - Admin account needed to install error


      I am on a Windows Vista computer with over 100GB of harddrive space left.  I continue to get Adobe Air install errors. I have:


      • uninstalled from programs and Adobe Air is not showing up so that is good.
      • removed all references from Adobe Air from registry keys
      • installed Windows Program Clean Utility and confirmed Adobe is not showing up. 
      • I am logged in as the only account that has admin rights to the computer. 
      • I have restated and still continue to get same error for Adobe AIR 1.5.2 Installer program. 


      It keeps on saying install not succesful.  You need admin rights to install Adobe Air.


      What do I do?  How do I install Adobe Air?  I have confirmed with Dell that computer is okay.  Internet connectivity is great to and no other programs having issue.