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    prevent access .flv after burning

    Semaj Snitram



      in my last post i wanted to have a window where i could load a .swf file but i'm thinking that i'm complicating what can be simple.


      My objective is to protect files from being used by the users after putting them on a CD/DVD. In order to do this i was thinking on

      a mechanism based on "localConnection". This way i could create a connection between Director and Lingo and somehow create a

      loader with director. But i'm finding this somehow complicated, i really think that there must be an easier way to do this.


      A portion of code imbued on flv file for example that could prevent the access from users after the cd/dvd is burned.

      Any idea or any example of code that you can help me?


      Thanks for the time spent reading this post and any help that you can give.