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    Sending user scores to a database

      I am planning a project that will run from a CD and not over the internet. Are there commands within Cativate that will create a data file folder on the user's host computer that can be accessed by the administrator? If not, is there a workaround or some third party program that will allow me to do this?

      Thanks, Bert
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          CatBandit Level 3
          To my knowledge, Bert, there is no way to do this except to run your Captivate output through a LMS. You have the option of outputting your Captivate project as SCORM or AICC compatible, but that won't help you with actually creating any files or folders on your end user's machinery ... the LMS would, of course, create files as needed for its own tracking.

          Actually, I doubt that many IT persons would allow you to do so, even if Captivate could do it. Creating new files or folders is not compatible with the IT dream of complete "security".
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            bberg1 Level 1
            Thanks for taking the time to reply Larry. I'll have to familiarize myself with LMS, it sounds like, to allow the creation of a data file.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Bert

              Using a LMS will probably mean you can't deploy your project on a CD. This is because a LMS normally requires a network connection to function. It's a database application that is normally installed, configured and administered on a network.

              Your mention of an application that may be used to store and retrieve information from the local drive seems like it could be accomplished by a reasonably creative Flash developer such as fellow Adobe Community Expert Paul Dewhurst. Paul runs the RaisingAimee site and does some neat things using little widgets that you drop into Captivate slides. So you may wish to contact him, explain what you are looking for and investigate possibilities for local storage and retrieval of data.

              You may wish to contact Paul via his site at this link and see if you might contract with him to create you a widget that will do what you want. I've seen another developer offer a widget on the Captivate Exchange that allows the user to resume where they left off in a Captivate by using a widget they created. So the possibility would probably exist with some custom programming. (I think they are storing things inside a browser cookie)

              Hopefully something here was helpful to you... Rick
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                CatBandit Level 3
                You are welcome, Bert.

                You are right, an education in learning management systems would be a great place to begin. A Google search for "learning management system" should produce a wealth of links that might help with an education in LMS. If it were me, I think I would gather as much info on LMS as possible before even deciding what vehicle (CD, Internet, etc.) you are going to use to deliver Captivate training to your end-user.

                The LMS world is rapidly expanding. It is also a relatively new field, in that no one vendor has yet emerged as the "standard" by which others are judged (such as has Adobe's "Photoshop", in the field of image management) ... even scores "written" to the end-users' local drive, as you originally suggested, could be considered a limited form of Learning Management System.

                There are so many hundreds or thousands of LMS available, most with a specific purpose or industry in mind, that even a cursory trial of each would be practically impossible. So it might be better to first just look for "white papers" on the general subject. That might help you to narrow your own list of what you desire in a LMS, before beginning a detailed search for just the "right" learning management system for your clients.

                A LMS can be as simple as recording who opened a file on a one-time basis, or as complex as the charting of complete career advancement on a world-wide scale. Further, a LMS can be priced from "free", to thousands of dollars per month or more. There is much to learn, but I think you will be rewarded well for your effort.

                Best of luck!
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                  CatBandit Level 3
                  A few sources that might or might not be of value.

                  Trainee tracker

                  Techie Index - learning management systems

                  Download Sloodle whitepaper here

                  Epic (UK) Free whiate papers

                  Hope this is a little more specific help, Bert. Have a good day!