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    Which RoboHelp 7 files need to be translated?


      I have been transferred to a different division in my company and I am now responsible for the Online help that is created using Robohelp 7. I am completely new to Robohelp and what little I know I learned through a tutorial that I found. I have just been told that I need to provide RoboHelp files to be translated to French. I am pretty much lost. The application that has Help has two components (and therefore two types of Help): a desktop component that uses HTML Help and generates a ",chm" file and a web component that uses WebHelp that generates ".htm" files.


      My problem is that I do not know which files in each type of Help that I need to have translated.


      For the HTML Help I assume that I need to have the source files translated. But if I do this, do I need to recreate the entire project including recreating the topics, TOC, and index in French? What about map files?


      For the WebHelp, do I just need to translate the ".htm" files along with the TOC and Index files?


      I am using RoboHelp 7 on Windows XP


      I would appreciate any help on this that anyone could provide. TIA