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    Loading bytes til specific frame

      I've been trying to figure this one out for a while now. I'm not new to flash but I'm no professional either. I've done some searching but could never find the exact thing I was looking for.
      What I'm looking for is an actionscript that will load a number of bytes to a specific frame label.

      Could anyone advise me on how to go about this?
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          coldMiner Level 1
          something like this?
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            Nephine Level 1
            (sorry for taking long to respond...internet woes) >_<

            Anyways...no, that's not what I had in mind. But thankyou anyway.

            Here's what I had in mind:
            Say for instance that my timeline is divided into 3 sections. Their ending frame labels would be, "end1", "end2"....etc...
            Each section would be given it's own preloader.

            I want to tell it specifically to load up to "end1" (not using frame numbers, just using frame labels). Diddo for the other sections.
            Is it possible?

            (Also...just for my personal education....I'm not sure if loading frames is the same as loading bytes. Is it? I thought loading bytes was a better way of loading flash movies)