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    Beta 2 - <mx:GridItem backgroundImage="images/caribbean.jpg" >


      I am wondering about the changes to beta.   I installed beta 2, and the following code doesn't seem to work now.  I am not getting an error for this,


      <mx:GridItem backgroundImage="images/caribbean.jpg" >


                <s:Button id="CariButton" alpha=".5" label="CARIBBEAN" width="100" height="30" fontSize="10"
                               click="Carb_click(1)" />






      This worked fine in Beta 1, also the intellisense  doesn't display backgroundImage as an option now when I am coding in the GridItem tag.   The backgroundAttachment option is still there, which relates to backgroundImage.   Just wondering what is the property now to load a backgroundImage in a griditem cell ?  I apologize if I miss this posted somewhere already, but I did check =).