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    Popup Window - Strange Redirect

      I'm a longtime Captivate user and have recently (finally) upgraded to Cp3.

      My issue is this:

      I'm developing mods for a web-based application that periodically launches popups for user input. So I'm recording...la la la...and here comes the little popup. I input the requested data, no problem. I click a button that [when not recording] saves the data, closes the popup, and refreshes the main application window.

      BUT, instead of the popup closing and the main screen refreshing I get a greyed out main screen and the popup redirects itself to the main menu for the application I'm recording.

      It's difficult to explain these things sometimes! I've poked around the tech notes, known issues, forums, etc etc and haven't seen any references to an issue such as this. I've also checked my Cp3 settings and browser settings and application settings and everything appears to be in order. I'm fairly certain it is a Captivate issue since it does not happen when I am not recording.

      Any thoughts or help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, DesignGrl

          Question here. When you encounter the popup, is it something that must be part of the recording? I'm wondering if you were to pause Captivate recording (by tapping the Pause/Break key) if that would be enough to prevent the disabling of the browser, since Captivate wouldn't be in actual "recording" mode.

          Perhaps another Captivate user here has other ideas to offer.

          Cheers... Rick
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            DesignGrl Level 1
            Hi Rick and hi everyone else!

            Rick said:
            >>Question here. When you encounter the popup, is it something that must be part of the recording?<<

            Unfortunately, yes, it is something that must be a part of the recording. The two clicks a user completes in that little popup are vital to the rest of the task. I had the same thought. I also thought a possible workaround would be to manually capture the popup contents before the bizarre ridrect and if I can right click and go "back" inside the popup then maybe I could complete the task and delete the screwy screens. Now that I'm writing this out I think it is worth trying.

            If I find it works I'll post my results, just in case someone else encounters this strange situation.