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    How to preserve section when moving pages?

    liedzeit Level 2

      I need to sort pages in a document. All the pages start a section. When I move a page at the beginning the former page 1 does not start a section anymore. This is exactly like in the GUI. (And I consider this a bug.) In the GUI though the new page 2 still is marked as a section start and also the pageNumberStart is still correct. I only need to click on the radio button "Start page numbering at" (do not know the exact English wording) and everything is fine. The corresponding script command




      however fails, as this will change the first page. I thought of just creating a new section and apply this to page 2 but this also does not work.


      Then I thought I create a dummy page at the beginning do the sorting and remove dummy page. That looked promissing but also lead to nowhere.


      This is the last try...




      var mydoc=app.activeDocument;

      var thepages=mydoc.pages;

      var lownum=thepages[0].name*1;


      var dummypage=mydoc.pages.add();

      dummypage.move (LocationOptions.AT_BEGINNING);

      var k=thepages.length;


      for (j=1;j<k;j++)


           var curid=j;

           for (i=curid;i<k;i++)


                var a=thepages[i];

                var an=a.name;




                a.move (LocationOptions.AFTER,thepages.item(curid-1));








      Any idea?


      Thank you,