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    More on Flex can't communicate with Debug Player



      Apologies for this it seems I spoke to soon when believing my Flex debug/brtowser issues had gone away (see: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/516768)


      The combination of Flex-IE8-and Flash Player v10,0,32,18 worked for about four hours and then the browser froze and has refused to work ever since.


      During the course of research into the Firefox issues (see my earlier post) , it seems that Firefox is incompatible with Flex 3 ( see http://www.robmccardle.com/wp/?cat=61). So, I have tried a different debug player with IE8.


      This is confirmed by http://www.playerversion.com as being version 9,0,246,0.


      This time, a session is started but the app just freezes after a couple of screens. This does not happen when running the app. in standard, non-debug mode.


      I am really struggling to see what may be causing this now. I am running on Win XP v 2002, SP 3. I am using Flex Builder 3.0 (v.

      If anyone has any further ideas as to what may be causing the debugging session to degrade and stop, I'd be grateful.


      thanks in advance