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    Bluray Projects Stop Markers


      I have PE 4. Unfortunately Adobe have been unhelpful on several occasions.


      This problem is insoluble despite repeated efforts by myself.


      I have edited a wedding dvd. It was captured as HD. It worked perfectly when made into a DVD. Menus, chapters all worked. At the end of the main movie it returns to the main menu.....it does not run into the Highlights movie which is separated by a stop button. I then play the Highlights movie from the main menu button and at the end it returns to the main menu. Everything is fine.


      However on the Bluray version of the same project the stop markers are not recognised.


      The main film does not go back to the main menu at the end but goes on into the Highlights movie at the end, despite insertion of stop markers.


      Can anyone help?? Please?? Adobe seem inable to.