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    Width drop down list in Positioning toolbar


      I just installed RoboHelp HTML ver 8 and I opened a project from x5. In all of topics we have various sized textboxes. When in design view the width of the textboxes look like the correct size, but when the topic(s) is preview or published the width of the textbox(s) is displayed significantly smaller. So I went back to the project and viewed the HTML code for the textboxes and all of them are set to a width of 51px (which is the width as it is displayed when published). So I was looking for the easiest way to adjust the widths of these textboxes. In design view I can drag the width of the textbox to readjust it, but this doesn't seem to be very accurate compared to how it is displayed. In HTML view I can manually set the "width" parameter, but this seems tedious. Then I found the "positioning" toolbar with the width drop-down. And here is where my question comes in. The width drop-down only has 5 preset values, which I don't want to use and if I manually type one in it doesn't like it. So is there a way to add some more values to the drop-down list or is there a more efficient manner to adjust the width of the textboxes that anyone can suggest. Thanks