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    Changing type size in a symbol label

    Bob Trent Level 1

      FW CS4 - Mac


      Two-part question:


      1. I've only just started using Fireworks today so excuse what is most probably a rudimentary question but I can't find a type style dialogue palette in Fireworks - I have set up a couple of type styles and am trying to change the size of the type on the label (Mac radio button) I have just placed from the common library - I have selected the type in the 'label' section of the 'symbol properties' panel but it doesn't seem to alter the size or font.Is the label type style editable?


      2. When you come to this from InDesign, it is quite different! Can anyone recommend a training video that takes one through the process of designing a site in FW and then 'exporting' it (if that is what you do) to DW CS4? I am hoping that it is worth persevering with FW and not just revert to InDesign or Illustrator to produce the design visual, but was concerned when I saw a short video earlier which said: "Current best practices for web design essentially exclude this export option as a viable method for creating a website, but the HTML and Images export is incredibly valuable from a prototyping perspective…"


      Many thanks.

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          pixlor Level 4

          For question 1, I am not sure, but...try this. If you have a green box over your button, click the eye symbol next to the Web layer to hide it. The green box is the slice for your button and that's what you're selecting when you click. Next, try double clicking the button. You should get an editing window. If you then select the text of your button, you should get the text controls in the Properties panel. (This is if I understand what you're saying and your version of FW acts like mine.)


          For question 2, not a video, but a tutorial: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/dw_fw_css_pt1.html


          I think that you should keep on with Fireworks rather than revert to InDesign or Illustrator. Fireworks was developed specifically for laying out Web sites and producing graphics and it's really good at that. InDesign is for print and you really can't use a print model for text flow into HTML. Illustrator is a design program, but it is also not geared to Web layout in the way that Fireworks is. Fireworks will "feel" a bit more like Illustrator, though.

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            Bob Trent Level 1

            Thank you pixlor.

            The button does not have a green slice over it - I just dragged it over from the 'common library' (Mac>RadioButton graphic). I can edit the tit;e of the label in the property inspector but can't see where the font is specified, in order to change it.

            Thanks for the link to the tutorial: 'Taking a Fireworks comp to a CSS-based layout in Dreamweaver' - it looks really useful for the next stage but it does state that it requires -
            Prerequisite knowledge:
            Basic knowledge of Dreamweaver and Fireworks CS3.

            I don't feel I've got basic knowledge of Fireworks yet but will see how I get on with this tutorial. Meanwhile, if anyone can help with changing the font on the common library radio button, that would be much appreciated.

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              pixlor Level 4

              If you just click on the button, in the Properties panel there's an entry box for the button label. But double-click the button to get the button-editing window, then select the text object, and you should have the normal text object items in the Properties panel. Since I'm on Windows, the font name was blank in the drop-down box, but I could click it to select one of my installed fonts.


              If you just select the button, you have the button's properties. You have to get into the lower level where you're editing the way the button is put together to get to the individual elements.

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                Bob Trent Level 1

                Ah ha!


                Thank you. A bit like the 'Appearance' palette in Illustrator but without the detail of the group showing until the other levels are selected.


                All clear now - thanks again.

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                  pixlor Level 4



                  Glad it worked! It's so tricky when you can't see what the other person is doing! "Here, do it just like I'm doing it right now. What? You can't see my screen over the Internet?"