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    What cpu to get? and will it run


      Hi guys. i will be purchasing adobe production premium but before i do this i have question. For adobe premiere cs4. My question is  editing in HD CPU system requirements are dual 2.8GHz for HD. Now if i get quad core AMD 2.5 ghz will i still be able to edit in hd since its not 2.8 ghz but it is quad core. Or i have to have 2.8 ghz even thought i have quad core 2.5. I only want to uograde my cpu.




      Can you tell me if i will me able to edit in hd wit this machine.


      CPU amd athelon 64 x2 dual core procesor 4000+ 2.10ghz

      Mother board asus m2a-vm

      Video ati radeon hd 2600xt 75 mhz

      Direct x 9

      memory 4 gb 667ghz

      windows xp pro

      2 500 gb hard drives

      1 300 gb hard drive


      Thanks guys