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    Microphone.names inconsistently has microphone entries

      I'm seeing that flash.media.Microphone.names isn't updating as I would expect. When I start my application with a USB mic plugged in (plus my sound card), there are two entries in Microphone.names: USB mic and sound card. When I start my application with only the sound card, there is one entry in Microphone.names for the sound card. I would like to refresh this names array, and when I try to do this programmatically, it doesn't work. If I start with the sound card, plug in the USB mic, then I only see the USB mic in the names list. If I start with both items, and unplug the USB mic, then the array has the sound card and unknown microphone.

      I have a combobox that is displaying the mic names, and a "refresh" button that sets the combobox dataprovider to Microphone.names. I also tried creating an ArrayCollection using Microphone.names.

      Any ideas? Is this the right forum to post this, or should it go elsewhere?