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    PRE 8 - Long time fan, first time poster

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      I’ve used Adobe PSE and PRE from their first releases and have always been pleased with the products – their function, usability, performance, and results.  However, I just “upgraded” to v8 (purchased the bundle from Amazon) and am very disappointed with PRE’s performance and behaviors on my 5 year old 3.2 GHz, 2 GB Pentium 4 desktop system with 2 large 7200  rpm hard disks, and a current version of Windows XP.


      I have two issues with the release


      1. Rogue processes running after PRE has been shut down. 
        After installing the bundle and converting the Organizer catalogs, I  performed my  initial checkout by taking a small v7 project, using a V8 DVD template and burned a DVD.  Everything seemed to work ok.  However, 30 minutes after closing PRE, I noticed the system fan was in high gear and screaming.  I then checked Windows Task Manager and found that the CPU was running 100% and that an Adobe process was to blame.  I rebooted and later experienced the same phenomena, but this time I had not run PRE or PSE.  I then went to this forum and learned how to turn off background rendering and another preferences option in PSE.  This solved my problem.  However, I’m shocked that Adobe Quality Assurance allowed this version to be released without prominently highlighting this rogue behavior in the installation materials, or at least in the ReadMe documentation.  I’m even more shocked that the developers would intentionally design a product to run these stealth processes after shutdown.  If this function is to be offered, the user should explicitly choose it rather than have it operate as a default.  It seems as though Adobe is so focused on the naïve end user who craves “instant movies” that they abandoned their core users who may not be running the latest Windows 7 with high speed quad core processors.



      1. PRE V8 seems to behave properly, albeit more sluggishly then V7, when first invoked.  However, on my system, when PRE is invoked a second time (i.e., boot Windows, invoke PRE, close PRE, invoke PRE again), it hangs.  I get the welcome screen, but clicking on New Project, or Open Existing Project, just causes lots of “wheel spinning” (i.e., I see lots of informational messages showing which components have been loaded etc., but I’m always left at the welcome screen.  The editor or organizer is never invoked.  Since I haven’t seen a similar problem reported on this forum, I’m concluding that its unique to my system.  I’ll try a registry clean up and maybe uninstalling and reinstalling PRE before reporting problem to Adobe Support.


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          jackscon joseph

          You can improve the system performance in three ways.


          Edit > Prefrence > Change the scracth disk/encoded media location to engouh space area

          Edit > Prefrence > Turn off background rendering

          Kill the process of Auto Analyzer in Task Manager.

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            I have reinstalled PRE 8, “cleaned” my registry, and installed the latest driver for my display adapter (128 MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro).  None of these actions helped or caused any change in behavior.  However, after installing Ozpeter’s PE8 Runner.exe and I can now actually invoke PRE8 multiple time and edit videos!  (PRE 8 still hangs if I choose to display the welcome screen on a second or subsequent invocation, but I prefer to skip the welcome screen anyway.  I’m also a bit concerned because the PE8 Runner.exe process continues to run after exiting PRE 8, but it doesn’t seem to do any harm.)


            So, I’m still annoyed at Adobe for releasing a new version with such an obvious and fatal flaw, but I’m finally able to use the product, so count me as a “happy camper.”


            Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you to Ozpeter for fixing my problems!


            Moderator, I’m finished venting.  Please close this thread.