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    Error - The folder, C:\..., is missing from your project...


      I am receiving the error message:


      RoboHelp HTML

      The folder, <filepath here>, is missing from your project folder and will be recreated.  Files from that folder will be shown as missing.  Pleae delete the folder properly from Project Manager.


      1.  I am using  RoboHelp 8

      2.  I never tried to delete said folder in any way

      3.  The folder exists with all the files that should be there in the project folder.


      It may be related or not, but

      4.  There are four topics that come up in my broken links that do not seem to be in any way related to the above

           - The last time I made changes, I did not delete any topics

      5.  Trying to do anything results in RoboHelp crashing.



      I inherited this Help File (which is very poorly organized)