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    meaning of WebHelp subdirectory files?

    tunlaw Level 1

      Hello.  Is there any reference anywhere to discover the meaning of each of the whdata, whgdata and whxdata files in WebHelp?


      Here's why I ask:

      I am trying to remove an index keyword without opening the project in RH7.  (Long story, but it's an Asian-language translation, which has proven very fragile in RH7.)  I want to make one small fix without opening (and recompiling, and therefore breaking) the entire project.  So, I am making the fix directly to the WebHelp files.  I thought I'd found the keyword and removed it in one of the whidata.htm files, but it still shows up in the displayed Help system.  There must be other pointers to it somewhere, but it's like a needle in a haystack for me, since I don't know where all the index references are.  Same goes for ToC.


      I hope this is clear.  Any ideas are most appreciated.