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    Link disappears from panel after embedded


      I am trying to embed a link within Illustrator and every time I do it, not only does it mess with the image, but it no longer appears within the links panel.


      This is the before where the logo is fine, but not embedded and therefore, when it's sent to the printer, the link is missing.



      Here is after that embedding. The link is now no longer within the links panel and it also changed the look of the logo.



      I have tried to link to an Illustrator image, which is what is shown on here. I have also tried to link to a PDF with these same results, and a JPG and PNG file,  which both look better, but once again, do not show up within the link panel anymore. Just to try even more things, I've flattened the transperency and once again my link does not appear in the panel.


      Is something wrong with my settings...or me?