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    Hotspot Property Inspector issues


      I am trying to create hotspots on a navigation bar that I designed and am stuck...new to Fireworks and am using the trial version.


      I create a nav bar in Photoshop and exported it as a .gif.

      I placed the gif into my Web site using Dreamweaver.

      Instead of manually going to each and every page of my site within Dreamweaver and creating hotspots and pop up menus, I thought I might automate the process in Fireworks and therefore only have to create hotspots and pop up menus once.


      So I'm in Dreamweaver, click on my .gif file and say edit with Fireworks.

      I have no trouble creating the hotspot in Fireworks.

      The place I run into trouble is within the property inspector. When I try to link the hotspot to page on my site, none of my pages are showing up as an option in the link box. When I click on the arrows it's blank.


      I'm sure I have done this the long way, but I'm figuring it out as I go and this seemed pretty easy thus far.

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Are you trying to add the links within Fireworks? You will have to manually type the links into the link field unless your Fireworks PNG file has other pages in it which represent the web site.


          If the graphic is "locked down" and isn't going to change visually, it will be faster if you create the hotspots in Dreamweaver. You can then save the entire asset as a Library item which can then be added to each page. If you need to edit the hotspots, you can do it within the Library item and the change will propagate across all web pages.



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            anga20 Level 1

            Thanks. That halfway answered my question. I added my page header to the library and created hotspots in the library item for each menu. However the Pop Up Menu plus sign in the Behaviors palette is now grayed out. That is the thing that I was really hoping most to have to do once, since I have 3 drop down menus and 18 pages on the site. Can the Pop Up Menu be part of a library item?


            I have followed the DW8 help instructions for "Editing a behavior in a library item" but my pop up menus are still not displaying on other pages of my site. Only the one page.