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    Dictionary/spell check not available

    Niesa Page Level 1

      I saw a thread about this from Feb, so I may already have the solution.  The user with the problem wound up reinstalling RH.  Not having spell checker isn't so huge, but I eventually want it working.   The hold up is I am having so many problems w/my project and have spent the past three-ish weeks rebuilding.  Would uninstalling and reinstalling hose up the work I've already done?


      I'm running RH8.  Until a few weeks ago, my project was being maintained in RH5.




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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Reinstalling might fix some issues but it will still not be squeaky clean. I think the problem was worse for anyone with CS4 installed after RH was installed.


          As to your projects, if in doubt, always backup first. The reinstall should not affect your projects, unless you have saved them in the Program Files folder. That is seriously bad practice but I have seen it done.


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