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    Vector image in Photoshop?

      Hi Guys

      I trying to wrap a text around a circle in this Q1 logo here:


      The major problem is that the “bitmap” type image distorts and become unreadable. I’ve tried vector images both in Flash and Illustrator, but there I can’t find a text wrapping function.

      I’ve also transferred illustrator images to Photoshop, but they convert automatically to bitmap.

      How can I create and work with vector images in Photoshop?

      Where in the CS3 programs can I work with text manipulations in a vector format?

      Second issue:
      It seems like Photoshop only wraps the text 180 degrees? If I have a longer text the ends of the string will be straight down from the 180-degree point?

      THANKS GUYS!!!

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          This is not the Photoshop forum.

          But in answer to your question, what I think you should take a look at is Fireworks. Photoshop, is, has, and always will be a bitmap editor. Illustrator was always the vector editor. You cannot edit vector images in a bitmap editor. However, the cross-breed that Adobe has kept is Fireworks.

          Also with regards to Illustrator what you are looking for is typing to a path, it's not called wrapping. If you click on the typing tool it will list the types of type that you can do including typing on a path. What you would need to do is draw a circle without any fill and just type. Photoshop does not have this capability.
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            Ollep Level 1

            Thank SnakEye!!!

            I'm getting right back to illustrator now!!

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              Ollep wrote:
              > Thank SnakEye!!!
              > I'm getting right back to illustrator now!!
              > Olle...

              As Snake says, Illustrator is an option. Just draw a circle around your
              logo, click on the 'text to path' tool click on the circumference line
              of the circle and start typing. To rotate the type to the correct
              position select the 'empty arrow' tool, click on the center of the
              circle, chosse the 'rotate' tool in the tool box and spin the circle
              around until its in the desired location.

              Having said that....the text around that logo looks a bit too small to
              be read anyway as a gif or jpg file. You need to consider if it really
              adds anything or just looks a mess. Below a certain size gifs and jpg
              text becomes practically unreadable.