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    adding numbers from different pages

    EC Willamalane

      I need to add mileage from 2 different pages to total on the last page.  My javascript does not seem to recognize the number fields on different page.  How do I identify what page I want the sum to pull from?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This forum is for Acrobat Forms created using the Acrobat forms tool bar and the Acrobat JavaScritpt.


          It appears your form was created with LiveCycle Designer and that program uses a different JavaScirpt syntax.


          The total formula for page 2 is:




          , NumericField2[0], NumericField2[1], NumericField2[2], NumericField2[3], NumericField2[4], NumericField2[5], NumericField2[6], NumericField2[7], NumericField2[8], NumericField2[9], NumericField2[10], NumericField2[11], NumericField2[12], NumericField2[13], NumericField2[14],



          You need to use the full reference to the subtotal field on page 1 in your sum for the sum of the page 2 fields.


          But it appears you also have an error for your subtotal on page 1.


          You might find more help in the LiveCycle Designer forum.

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            EC Willamalane Level 1

            Wow, that works!  Thank you so much. I have a couple of other issues and wonder if you hire out?


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