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    Adobe Reader Server License - only 1 install for Prod and Dev?


      We require Adobe Reader on our ERP server to view PDF files.  The license agreement states that "you may install one copy."  We need to install Adobe Reader on Prod, Test, and Dev machines, which means 3 individual servers.  Is this in violation of the license agreement?  Does this statement include non-production installations?  If taken literally, are we required to purchase additional Adobe Reader licenses?


      2.2 Server Use and Distribution.




      2.2.1 Subject to the terms of this Agreement, you may install one copy of the Software on a computer file server within your internal network for the sole and exclusive purpose of using the Software (from an unlimited number of client computers on your internal network) via (a) the Network File System (NFS) for UNIX versions of the Software or (b) Windows Terminal Services. Unless otherwise expressly permitted hereunder, no other server or network use of the Software is permitted, including but not limited to use of the Software (i) either directly or through commands, data or instructions from or to another computer or (ii) for internal network, internet or web hosting services.