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    Where to locate alc_wks_client_trace/ui/message properties file for other language?


      Hi guys,


      Workspace is shipped with support to I believe 4 language locales: English, French, Deutch, and Japanese (workspace_rb_en_US.swf, workspace_rb_fr_FR.swf, workspace_rb_de_DE.swf, workspace_rb_ja_JP.swf) and depending on your system locales, it will use the right swift file for the resource bundle.


      I am looking to modify some labels and messages in French, but all I can find is the properties file for English only: alc_wks_client_trace/ui/messages.properties.


      I do not want to rewrite all the labels for French but only after modifying a handful of them.

      Where can I get those property files?


      Thank you.