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    How many Licenses of Acrobat Professional do I need for Adobe LC PDF Generator

    Ragha K



      At our customer site we have purchased 6 licenses of Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator and have recieved a license file with the keys for Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator and Adobe Acrobat Professional. We bought the license from a reseller of the product. We understand that the Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator is a server based software and needs 1 license per CPU. Each of our server (Dev, Val & Prod) have 2 CPU's so we have sufficient licenses (6). We are under the impression that this would suffice. How ever we are not sure on how many licenses we need for Acrobat Professional.


      Here is a brief description of the way we would use Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator. We are deploying a PLM system and one of the requirement is to render Word documents to PDF so we are using PDF Generator for this capability. On our Adobe servers we will install Microsoft Word, Acrobat Professional V9 Extended and the Adobe Livecycle PDF Generator. We will have around 150 users for the PLM system being deployed. The PLM system is a Web based system which means the PLM application server will be running on a Solaris server in our case. As part of the workflows in the PLM system, at the end of the workflow process, the PLM server would trigger a request to the Adobe server to convert the word document to PDF. The Adobe server processess the request and returns the PDF file that gets generated.


      Based on the above usage of the system how many licenses of Acrobat Professional do we need? We will be installing Acrobat only on the server where we install the Livecycle PDF Generator. We had a call with our purchasing person today and she cautioned us that for Adobe Acrobat Professional we might need 1 license per user of the PLM system. She has asked us to check this with the Vendor of the product. Somehow I don't think it makes sense to purchase so many Acrobat Professional licenses even though we install only once.


      So can someone tell me How does the licensing for Adobe Livecycle PDF Generator work? How many Acrobat Professional licenses we actually need? Is it based on the number of users in the system that is triggering the request? Appreciate your response on this.