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    Printing from Flash

    Hasenstein Level 1
      (I just changed my first posting in this thread to give it a new headline. The original one was "SWF embedded in a PDF - can they communicate?", but it turned into a printing thread - with a solution.)

      I'm trying to build a printable form with multimedia help (this is a free project, I don't get paid). Since I can't create PDF from Flash I instead try to get the Flash into the PDF. It would be very helpful (although probably not essential for this particular project) if the embedded Flash could communicate with the PDF on the outside, for example using ExternalINterface. That interface is for communication with Javascript in a browser - and since Acrobat forms support Javascript scripting I was wondering if that would work? The docs only mention browsers.

      Another question to achieve the same thing: I thought about letting the user fill out the form in Flash completely. Then I export the collected data into XML, and then open a PDF form which reads the XML. However, I don't think there's a non-manual (for the user) way of doing this, is there? Ahhhhhhrg, stupid project, why did I volunteer...