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    Pai Chart layout and Tool Tip not refreshing


      Hi All


      We have an application where we displaying data on Pai Chart based on Data-Grid row clicked.

      Its an Polling kind of application, where multiple option are there.

      When a data grid row clicked, in the Pai chart we displaying polling votes in percentage.

      Some question has 2 option and some 4 and out of those few are having votes.


      Ex: Question 1 has 2 option ( A, B ) and both got some votes.

            Question 2 has 3 options ( X,Y,Z ) and only " X " got all the votes.


      So when we clicked on data grid row for Q1 the Pai chart shows all the options ( 2 ) in block dividing manner.

      It has also outward tool tip to show the count and percentage.


      And when we clicked on Q2 which has 3 options but got votes for only 1, the Pai chart shows perfectly with 100% and one circle without divide, but the tool tip of Q1 not cleared. It shows tool tips of Q1 as well as Q2.


      And when adjust the Pai Chart Layout, then only it clears unwanted tool tips, but not automatically.


      For better understanding i have attached the screen shot of the problem. please look into that once.

      So any one who faced similar kind of problem or know the solution then please help me.



      Bijaya Kumar