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    SA Color Finesse 2 serial number


      I know this has been covered before, I'm just hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


      I emailed tech support about the serial number issue and got a reply back from a tech support person who obviously was unfamiliar with After Effects


      and the concept of plug ins in general. All they told me to do was use the CS4 PP serial number. They then closed my case.


      Just spent half an hour on the phone to another so called tech support person who again was totally unfamiliar with After Effects ( I even had to explain


      how to create a new composition so he could apply Color Finesse to it). Again all he kept saying was I had to use the CS4 PP serial number. Needless


      to say we never really accomplished anything except relieving my bank balance by 30 dollars.






      How difficult can it be? A serial number. That's all I want. Please.


      Hopefully someone from  Adobe will read this and send me the serial number via email. If only.


      By the way, I have checked on every box, piece of paper etc. I received and there's no sign of any serial number.