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    Adobe Reader 9 unreasonably slow startup


      I have Adobe Reader 9.2 installed on a computer where it takes around one minute to start the application when you click a pdf. This is not caused by a lack of processing power - the acroread32 process is at 0% cpu for all but the last few seconds (and no other process is stealing cpu). Once the application is running it does so fine, and if you click to open a second pdf, it will open up instantly. But if you close adobe reader it will take another minute to start the next time.


      It seems to me like adobe reader is waiting for something that either happens after a long time or there is a timeout. Is there a way to locate this problem?


      I have tried reinstalling the application. I have a small suspicion that there might be some residue left from earlier installs, so my second question is if there is a way to completely wipe out all traces of earlier adobe reader and adobe acrobat installs (I have had acrobat professional 6 installed on the same machine earlier).


      Any help is much appreciated!