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    Using Flex, BlazeDS and MySQL

    momills1 Level 1
      From what I can find on the web, I need to use more than just BlazeDS to get from a Flex application to a MySQL backend... Firstly is that correct, or can BlazeDS handle that directly?
      If not, and I need another layer, then what advantage is there using BlazeDS at all?
      What options are available, from the tutorials I've read, I think I can use java, PHP, and some others that I'm not terribly familiar with.
      I'd be very appreciative if someone could shed some light on this topic and maybe point me in the way of any tutorials that can get me started linking flex to mysql. I've found a few, but haven't had any success with any of them yet.

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          SujitG Level 2

          BlazeDS alone cannot get you connected to MySQL and do operations on the database. You can try Data Management feature in LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS).

          BlazeDS gives you Remoting, which is very powerful and useful, cause it will allow you to invoke Java methods from Flex applications. BlazeDS handles all the serialization and de-serialization of the objects. Its got more.

          Hope this helps.
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            SujitG Level 2

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