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    Menu in Flex 4 with a horizontal suckerfish style

    nikos101 Level 2

      I'm looking to create a menu in Flex 4 with a horizontal suckerfish style.




      Could anyone give me a helping start, is this easy to do?

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          mewk Level 3

          Hola nikos101,


          I am by no way suggesting that the appended fxp file is the best way to solve your problem, but it does the job (mostly!). The app seems to be very unstable -- it works on some builds but not others, so make sure you compile with the most recent nightly build. I suspect that the sdk team is actively engaged in reworking the list/itemrenderer classes and so you can see there is some strange behavior going on, like:

          • List is longer than it should be (extending well past the last item).
          • the bottom border of the last item in the list is not visible.
          • couldn't get vertical/horizontalCenter to work properly to center a label w/in a Border w/in an itemRenderer.


          I originally intended to let the menu extend as deep as the XML data allowed; if you want to complete the work, just merge the itemRenderers into one class.


          The app isn't in the best shape, so please let me know if you code or come across something brilliant. Thanks,


          - e