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    Customizing Print Dialog Box

    Rajneesh OTS

      Hi There,


      I am new to Adobe Reader programming.


      I have a question -

      Can we add any other other application reference in adobe reader's print dialog so that user can chose it and click  on "Ok" button could initiate sending the file contents to that application depending on selected page ranges as it does in case of printer?




      In case of priter all the printers came in the list - I want to add my application in that list!!!


      User clicks on "Ok" button of the Print dialog after selecting the printer from the list and doing additional/optional actions like page range selection etc.- In my case user will also click the same button.


      Then all the required data/file content is sent to printer - In my case all that data/file content will sent to that application.


      My application will be a window service which will be initiated as file content cames to it then my application will convert these data to SOAP message and send it to a web service.


      Is it possible?


      Thanx in Advance.


      Rajneesh OTS.