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    Off-white backgrounds

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      Just lately, the last few months when I start to record something in Captivate 4 everything seems fine, i look at the source code and its fine.  White backgrounds, the mouse moving along etc.


      When i publish/preview the course the backgrounds are an off-grey colour instead of pure white.  The mouse moves along but the second it clicks i get a white horizontal line.  Same for text being typed, the background is grey, then theres a horizontal block all the way across the screen where the text animation plays.


      I could export every background graphic, make it pure white, or delete the strange mouse animations and try to add them but obviously that'll take some time.


      Anyone else come across this ?  Recording where theres lots of white screens and then when you publish it its off grey ?


      Any ideas ?



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          If this is full motion capture, perhaps change the setting to 32 bit? (Edit > Preferences > Recording > Full Motion Recording




          Or if it's not Full Motion Recording, perhaps select the slides in question, right-click them and change the Video Quality.




          Cheers... Rick



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            psj3809 Level 1

            Nope theres no full motion video involved.


            I've checked the settings of the slides and theyre set to high quality by default.


            I have 'kinda' found a fix...


            I select all the background BMP's in my library, i export all.


            Then I create a simple action in Photoshop to open up a BMP, change it to a JPEG and then save it.


            That gets done quickly with the Batch action.  But then I have to manually import each graphic back into Captivate, cant right click and choose update as the background graphic (which was a bmp) is now a jpeg.


            Anyway I've replaced all 82 BMP's with 82 JPEG's and it works, white background, the typing animation and mouse moving around dont have a flickery white horizontal line.




            Complete pain though, in 'code view' all the backgrounds looked white, the second i preview 5 slides or publish it the off-grey appeared before I did the above.


            Slow process to fix, which there was an obvious reason why it did this in the first place