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    Cross Platform Publishing Clarification please?


      Hello experts!


      I've read a lot lately about cross platform publishing issues and the more I read the more confused I become (surely it should be the other way around). I'm hoping someone experienced here can give me a definitive answer. Here's the nitty gritty...


      I currently have Director 11 on XP. I would like to publish downloadable executables for  XP,Vista,Win7  &  PPC OS9, Intel macs OSX in order to market games to as wide an audience as possible (no ROM burning issues here though).


      1. Can I publish these files from a Win XP based setup with Director 11?


      2. Will a projector created on XP Dir 11 exported for mac work on PPC macs as well as Intel macs?


      3. Will a projector created on XP Dir 11 exported for mac work on OS9 macs as well as OSX?


      4. Dir 11.5 docs mentions added Leopard support. Is that support for Director to run on Leopard, or support for projectors to run on Leopard? (Do I need 11.5 to create Leopard compatible projectors?)


      5. To test every flavour of mac projector would I really need... OS9 PPC mac, OSX PPC mac, OSX Intel mac?


      6. Do I still need to worry about preserving these mysterious 'fork' directory mac things if I'm not burning to disc?



      Sorry for my long winded descriptions!


      Thanks in advance for any advice