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    problem with win1252 chars


      HI All


      we are using win1252 characters in our application for names and content,

      we do have java on the server side.


      while using a iso1 database, we unable to save even the names of win1252 characters


      so after going through some material we started using utf8 database to store the win1252 characters.


      we are able to save the name and string, but unable to save the content which is a byte array


      this is happening as follows

      when we upload a file from flex, we are using a servlet and java on the server.

      when we print the data on the servlet the byte array received from FileItem.get() is junk


      the thing i found is

      when we upload the file it is uploaded as win1252 characters and when i print it and view in an absolute telnet

      i can see the characters properly with win1252 setting rather than utf8 setting.


      so can any one please suggest if there is any solution to read win1252 characters and insert into utf8db in case of upload.


      the same thing if i save the content, not using the servlet, it is working fine.(the content is displayed correctly)


      please help.




      Vijay Sunder